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Asteroid Sleuth: The Case of the Battered Buggy

On 5 February 2024, Samantha Jo Petersen, 34, was indicted on 21 counts relating to an accident that occurred the previous September, when Petersen crashed her car into an Amish buggy in southeast Minnesota, killing two children and seriously wounding two others.  Petersen, high on meth and texting at the time, tried to switch roles with her twin sister Sarah, fearing jail time.  The charges include vehicular homicide and driving under the influence.  Killed in the September 25th crash were Irma Miller, 11, and her sister Wilma, 7.

When police arrived, both sisters were on the scene, with Sarah stating she was driving, and Samantha stating she had just arrived, for emotional support.  That story fell apart quickly after analysis of a recording of an interview made by police on site; during a pause when the investigator left Sarah, Samantha, not realizing the tape was still running, came up to her sister and said, “I think that one of the guys is onto me but I don’t really care … There’s no way they would ever know the difference between the two of us so they can’t tell.”

Samantha had already confessed, after a fashion, when she called her employer’s HR department before police arrived, stating, “I fucked up … I just killed two Amish people.  They were kids … I just hit a fucking buggy … I’m not sober … I’m high on meth,” the HR manager later told police.

buggy twins
Twin sisters Samantha and Sarah Petersen; at the fatal accident, asteroid Samantha on the MC squares asteroid Child (minors) with Osiris (Death), while asteroids Sara and Peterson conjoin TNO Ixion (homicide), squared the Sun; the Child/Osiris conjunction repeats in Samantha Petersen’s birth chart

Afterward, Samantha revealed the deception she had attempted to perpetrate with her twin, texting a friend who had contacted her about the accident and her sister’s plight, “I don’t think you realize that I did that … I hit that Amish buggy and killed two people… Made Sarah take the fall for it so I wouldn’t go to prison.” 

Once confiscated, authorities also found two incriminating internet searches on her phone, one on how to lock an iPhone so police couldn’t access the data, and another reading, “What happens if you get in an accident with an Amish buggy and kill two people?”  Apparently, Samantha got bad info on the first inquiry, and is about to find out firsthand what happens in the second.

The accident occurred at 8:26 AM CDT in Stewartville, Minnesota; a chart cast for that place and time shows the tragedy with stark clarity.  Rising on the 29 Libra Ascendant are asteroids Rip 7711, Child 4580 and Osiris 1923, at 25 and 27 Libra, and 5 Scorpio, respectively.  Rip acts as a death indicator in the form of the acronym RIP, “Rest In Peace,” a common tombstone inscription; Osiris is named for the ancient Egyptian god of the dead; and Child is self-explanatory in this context, with two dead children. 

buggy crash
The destroyed buggy sprawls across the roadway shoulder; transit asteroid Bugyi (closest to buggy) for the accident cojoins Neptune (DUI), squared asteroid Requiem (death), completing a T-Square with Petersen’s natal Bugyi

Opposing on the 29 Aries Descendant are asteroids Lachesis 120 at 27 Aries, and Panacea 2878 at 1 Taurus.  Lachesis is named for the mythic Greek Fate who determines the span of life, while Panacea is named for the Greek goddess of medicines, governing drugs of all types, legal and illegal.  A Grand Cross is formed with asteroids Nemesis 128 at 25 Cancer (noted for bringing ruin and destruction, often self-created) and Samantha 3147 at 0 Leo, on the 5 Leo MC; and asteroid Carr 3837 (phonetic match for “car”) at 24 Capricorn, conjoined Pluto at 27 Capricorn, modern lord of death, also planetary ruler of criminal acts and homicide, vehicular (Carr) or otherwise.  This directly binds the victims (Child) and the driver (Samanatha) with themes of mortality (Rip, Osiris, Pluto) involving a fatal automobile crash (Carr) and drug use (Panacea), resulting in shortened existence (Lachesis) and three ruined lives (Nemesis), caught up in the immediacy of the moment (Ascendant), and coming to public notice (MC).

The Sun at 2 Libra conjoins asteroid Caballo 24044 at 4 Libra (Spanish for “horse,” reflecting the fact that the equine drawing the buggy was also killed), squared TNO Ixion 28978 at 2 Capricorn (named for the first murderer in Greek myth, connecting to homicide generally),with asteroid Sara 533 (alternate spelling of sister Sarah) also at 2 Cap and asteroid Peterson 5833 at 3 Cap (the twins’ surname has been variously reported as Petersen or Peterson; this asteroid will act for both).  This places both sisters (Peterson) in the spotlight (Sun), drawing Sarah (Sara) into the story more emphatically than mere sibling interest would suggest, and connecting both to themes of homicide (Ixion).

Sisters Irma and Wilma Miller are represented as asteroids Irma 177 and Wilmacherup 15151 (a CNA, or Compound-Named Asteroid, comprising both first and last names strung together as one word, which can be separated and used for either; in this case, the surname is more than typically poignant, with Cherup reminiscent of “cherub,” connoting a sweet, innocent child, and seven-year-old Wilma the youngest victim).  Asteroid Irma at 22 Scorpio conjoins asteroid Stewart 26712 (for the Stewartville, MN locale of the accident), opposing Uranus (ruling accidents) and asteroid Atropos 273 (Fate who severs the thread of life at death) at 19 and 28 Taurus, in a T-Square with Damocles 5335 at 27 Aquarius (the threat or doom hanging unseen overhead), with Saturn (ancient lord of death) at 1 Pisces also in the mix.

buggy kids
Deceased siblings Irma and Wilma Miller (right) with their brothers; asteroid Miller was at station for the accident, in a T-Square with asteroid Anubis (funerary rites) and Saturn (death), symbolizing a major turning point (station) for the Miller family, related to deaths

Asteroid Wilmacherup at 24 Gemini opposes asteroid Requiem 2254 at 19 Sagittarius (named for the funeral mass for the dead), in a T-Square with Neptune (planetary ruler of drugs and intoxication) at 26 Pisces, conjoined asteroid Bugyi 301946 (closest to “buggy”) at 21 Pisces.  We see here the victim (Wilmacherup) tied to the conveyance (Bugyi) and underlying cause of drug use (Neptune).  Asteroid Miller at 5 Gemini appears at station, opposed asteroid Anubis 1912 (Egyptian deity ruling funerary rites) at 4 Sagittarius, T-Squared Saturn at 1 Pisces.  Bodies at station exert a greater-than-usual influence on events, and represent major turning points for those resonating to them.  Certainly this tragedy will be a watershed event for the entire Miller family.  Miller is also within orb of Atropos, which is also at station, turning retrograde two days before the crash.

The Moon at 9 Aquarius squared Osiris at 5 Scorpio suggests the deaths (Osiris) of children (Moon) at the hands of a female (also Moon); a Grand Cross with Samantha at 0 Leo and Panacea at 1 Taurus shows the person responsible for the deaths (Samantha) and drugs as a contributory cause (Panacea).

Samantha Petersen’s birth chart shows the seeds of this tragedy quite clearly as well.  Born 30 March 1988 (no time available), incredibly, as in the accident chart, the nativity also features a conjunction of asteroids Child and Osiris, at 16 and 17 Gemini, prefiguring Samantha’s fatal role in the deaths of minors.  (Not to be outdone, the conjunction repeats in the chart for her indictment on February 5th, with Child and Osiris at 0 and 4 Capricorn, now joined by Ixion at 5 Cap, specifying homicide.)  This pairing squares asteroid Rip with Damocles at 12 and 19 Pisces, in a T-Square with asteroid Bugyi at 23 Virgo, once again combining themes of children (Child), mortality (Osiris, Rip), a looming threat (Damocles) and a mode of transport (Bugyi).  Sarah is widely associated with the event as asteroid Sara, from 8 Pisces.

buggy signs
Twenty-first- and Eighteenth-Century technologies still need to share the road in Amish areas; natal Bugyi for Samantha Petersen opposes Damocles, T-Squared a union of asteroids Child and Osiris, depicting the threat (Damocles) of death (Osiris) for children (Child) in a buggy (Bugyi), while asteroid Samantha opposes a pairing of asteroids Carr with Atropos, in a T-Square with TNO Ixion (homicide), identifying Petersen (Samantha) as involved in vehicular (Carr) homicide (Atropos, Ixion)

Persons who become significant players in our biographies often appear as asteroids associated with the Sun.  That’s the case here, with asteroid Irma at 7 Aries conjoined Samantha’s 10 Aries Sun, squared by asteroids Miller and Wilmacherup at 3 and 7 Cancer.  A T-Square is formed with the addition of the triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn and Neptune at 1, 2 and 10 Capricorn, squared the Sun/Irma pairing and opposed Miller/Wilmacherup.  The triple conjunction in Capricorn suggests a fatal (Saturn) accident (Uranus) involving drugs (Neptune).

Samantha Petersen’s propensity for drug use is foreshadowed by the exact square from Neptune to her Sun, as well as asteroid Peterson, embedded at station from 3 Leo, where it conjoins asteroid Panacea at 29 Cancer.  Panacea is opposed by transit Pluto and Carr for the accident, together reflecting driving (Carr) under the influence (Panacea), resulting in death (Pluto). 

Her natal connection to death and homicide is seen in asteroid Samantha at 26 Aquarius, squared by asteroids Lachesis and TNO Ixion at 17 and 22 Scorpio, opposed asteroids Atropos with Carr at 22 and 26 Leo, a Grand Cross completed by Venus at 25 Taurus.  Here we have Petersen (Samantha) linked to vehicular (Carr) homicide (Ixion), acting as an agent of death (Atropos) who delimits a lifespan (Lachesis).  I confess I’m at a loss to understand Venus’ role here, a generally positive influence known as the Lesser Benefic, except perhaps to define Samantha Petersen, and both victims, as female.  Note that at the time of the crash, transit Damocles and Requiem conjoin natal Samantha, activating the natal potential with the threat (Damocles) of death (Anubis).

Natal Jupiter at 4 Taurus is conjoined by asteroid Stewart at 1 Taurus, opposing asteroid Anubis at 5 Scorpio, in a T-Square with asteroid Peterson at 3 Leo, granting Samantha Petersen (Petersen) some form of celebrity (Jupiter), or at any rate, notoriety, from a death (Anubis) in Stewartville (Stewart).  At the accident, transit Osiris is an exact match for Anubis, while transit Panacea is an exact match for Stewart, triggering the pattern.

buggy crash site
Incredibly, the Child/Osiris conjunction from the accident and Samantha Petersen’s birth chart repeats again at her charging for the Miller children’s deaths in February 2024; as well, the Sun conjoins asteroids Peterson and Sara, opposing asteroid Samantha, putting both twins in the spotlight (with Sarah charged two days later)

Samantha Petersen is again in the spotlight when her crimes catch up with her, at her indictment on 5 February 2024.  Asteroid Peterson at 10 Aquarius conjoins the highlighting Sun at 16 Aquarius, widely opposed by asteroid Samanatha at 24 Leo.  Sarah Petersen is also in the thick of things, as asteroid Sara conjoined the Sun from 17 Aquarius, with Requiem and Damocles opposed Samantha from 25 and 29 Aquarius.  A T-Square is formed with asteroid Miller at 25 Taurus, conjunct Atropos at 16 Taurus and Uranus at 19 Taurus, portraying the deaths (Atropos) of the Miller siblings (Miller) in the accident (Uranus), the basis for the charging.  Twin Sarah Petersen was indicted on February 7th with 16 felony charges, including trying to take responsibility for criminal acts and aiding an offender (and as a twin, her chart naturally reflects the same connectivity).

Asteroid Irma at 10 Capricorn joins a stellium of asteroids Child, Osiris and TNO Ixion at 0, 4 and 5 Capricorn, squared asteroid Bugyi at 12 Aries.  Asteroid Wilmacherup is at station from 11 Gemini, having turned direct on January 27th, squared to Saturn with asteroid Carr at 6 and 14 Pisces.  Quite astonishing to find both youthful (Child) victims (Irma, Wilmacherup) again linked with death indicators (Osiris, Ixion, Saturn) and the vehicles involved (Bugyi, Carr).

Another terrestrial headline ripped from the celestial firmament, in the ceaseless round of “As above, so below.”

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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So sad that both children and their poor horse lost their lives as a result of the driver’s recklessness. I often wonder how much the generation with Uranus, Neptune, and especially Saturn conjunct in Capricorn is contributing to the opioid and drug crisis in general. On the subject of Venus at 25 Taurus it will be more or less conjunct Algol considered the most violent and unfortunate fixed star. Maybe that explains its presence in the grand cross. Thanks Alex, for the celestial rundown on this tragic event.


My heart breaks for the Miller family.

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