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Jacksonville Dollar Store Shooting

On Saturday, 26 August 2023, a 21-year-old white male, clad in a tactical vest, shot up a Dollar Store on King Road in Jacksonville, Florida, killing three black persons before turning the gun on himself when police arrived on the scene.  Ryan Christopher Palmeter had been remanded to state care in 2017 after a mental health breakdown which should have precluded his access to firearms, but was able to legally purchase the AR-15 style assault rifle and Glock semiautomatic pistol used in this crime, earlier this year.  Palmeter, who has a history of racism, adorned the rifle with swastikas and ordered all “non-Black” people to leave the store when he entered.  Police are investigating the murders as a hate crime.

Palmeter began his spree at 1:08 PM EDT when he put eleven shots through the window of a Kia in the parking lot outside the Dollar Store, killing 52-year-old Angela Carr.  He then entered the shop, where he fatally shot Anolt Laguerre, Jr, 19, a store employee.  Immediately after, two more customers entered the store, and Palmeter shot dead Jerrald Gallion, 29, also attempting to kill a female shopper, who fled through the store’s rear entrance.  Palmeter took a pause in his rampage to text his parents, requesting they check his computer, where they found his last will and testament, and a suicide note.  At 1:19 PM, officers entered the building to the sound of a single gunshot, which was Palmeter killing himself.

Three racist manifestos were found on his body, addressed to his parents, the Press, and federal agents.  As Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters described them:  “Portions of these manifestos detail the shooter’s disgusting ideology of hate.  Plainly put, the shooting was racially motivated, and he hated Black people.  He wanted to kill niggers.” 

palmeter victims
Victims Anolt Laguerre, Angela Carr and Jerrald Gallion; asteroid referents for each show prominently on the day, connected with the spotlighting Sun and an asteroid for the shooter

A birthdate of 28 November 2001 for Ryan Palmeter has been confirmed, and comparison with the 1:08 PM EDT start of the mass shooting on 26 August 2023 in Jacksonville, FL shows a clear progression from ideology to action.

The Angles are particularly descriptive of the shooting, with asteroid Anubis 1912, named for the ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, rising at 26 Scorpio on the 21 Scorpio Ascendant, opposed asteroid Atropos 273, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death, at 25 Taurus, with Uranus, ruling shootings, at 23 Taurus, on the 21 Taurus Descendant.  Asteroid Gunn 18243 (for “gun”) and Damocles 5335 (the doom hanging unseen overhead) at 24 and 29 Aquarius cluster on the 28 Aquarius IC, opposing asteroid Brown 1643 (for the people of color he so loathed) at 20 Leo on the 28 Leo MC.  Amazing that these key elements of the story should be so connected, let alone find angular prominence as it unfolded.

The Sun at 3 Virgo also conjoins the MC, along with asteroid Jackson 2193 at 1 Virgo, for Jacksonville, placing a spotlight (Sun) on the community (Jackson), which became, briefly, the focus of all eyes (MC).  Sun/Jackson opposes Saturn, ancient lord of death, at 3 Pisces, conjoined both Damocles and asteroid Karma 3811 at 8 Pisces, suggesting a fated aspect to the tragedy.  A Grand Cross is formed with asteroid Requiem 2254 (named for the funeral mass for the dead) with asteroid Angelou 9011 (one of several PNAs – Personal Named Asteroids – for victim Angela Carr) at 10 and 9 Sagittarius respectively, opposed asteroids Geraldina 300 (feminine form of victim Jerrald Gallion) with Laguerre (for victim Anolt Laguerre) at 8 and 9 Gemini.  Asteroid Ryan 21936, for shooter Ryan Palmeter, conjoins these from 15 Gemini, but is too wide of the Sun to be considered part of the Grand Cross per se.  Nevertheless, it’s quite remarkable to see PNAs for all three victims tied to the Sun and the shooter.  As well, Ryan exactly squares asteroid Angelina 64 at 15 Virgo, another referent for Angela Carr.

palmeter kia
Palmeter’s first victim was Angela Carr, shot in her car outside the Dollar Store, as seen in this surveillance footage; asteroid Carr conjoined Pluto, modern lord of death, with asteroids Angel and Angelica, alternates for Angela, opposed, in a Grand Cross with asteroids Osiris (Egyptian god of the dead) and Lachesis (the Fate who determines the span of life)

Other asteroids representing the victims include asteroid Carr 3837, also for Angela Carr, which at 23 Capricorn conjoins Pluto, modern lord of death, at 28 Capricorn (which is also conjunct asteroid Guerin 196945 at 2 Aquarius, an alternate referent for Laguerre), and T-Squared asteroid Lachesis 120 at 29 Aries, named for Atropos’ sister Fate who determines the span of life, as well as asteroid Osiris 1923 at 22 Libra, named for the Egyptian god of the dead.  Opposed Pluto/Carr are asteroids Angel 11911 and Angelica 965, two more referents for Angela Carr, at 22 and 29 Cancer.

Conjoined Lachesis are asteroids Galliano 121022 (also for Jerrald Gallion) at 0 Taurus and Dolero 120103 (closest to “Dollar” Store) at 4 Taurus.  All three are embedded at station, indicating a literal “turning point” for those with which they resonate, and an enhanced ability to affect events.  Lachesis turned retrograde on August 23rd, Dolero on the 25th, and Galliano on the 27th.  Opposing Lachesis is asteroid Jerold 33544, another marker for Jerrald Gallion, at 27 Libra, also squaring Pluto. 

The King Road location of the Dollar Store is seen as asteroid King 2305, which at 9 Cancer conjoins asteroid Nemesis 128 at 14 Cancer, a point of ruin, destruction, and self-undoing.  King is sesquiquadrate Anubis and semisquare Atropos, and exactly sesquiquadrate Gunn.  The Glock pistol is represented by asteroids Glockner 25189 at 26 Cancer, opposed Pluto and squared both Osiris and Lachesis in a Grand Cross; and asteroid Gluck 7624, which at 16 Leo conjoins Brown, opposing Gunn and T-Squared Uranus.  Mars, ruling firearms generally as well as attacks and violent death, appears at 29 Virgo, conjoined Mercury, ruling commerce, at 21 Virgo, and in an out-of-Sign square with the Moon, exactly conjunct TNO Ixion 28978 at 2 Capricorn.  Ixion is named for the first murderer in Greek myth, and also plays a prominent role in the shooter’s birth chart.

palmeter dollar store
The King’s Road Dollar Store in Jacksonville, where the tragedy unfolded; asteroid Dolero (for “Dollar”) was at station conjunct Lachesis, in a Grand Trine with the Sun and TNO Ixion (named for the first murderer in Greek myth), with asteroid King conjunct asteroid Nemesis, a point of ruin or destruction

Born 28 November 2001 (no time available), Ryan Palmeter sports an exact conjunction of the Sun with Ixion, potentially making murder an intrinsic element of his character.  Also here are Mercury at 3 Sagittarius, provoking hyper-identification of Palmeter with his opinions and thoughts; asteroids Ryan, Karma, Requiem and Brown at 9, 10, 11 and 15 Sagittarius; and Pluto at 14 Sag.  Requiem and Pluto conjunct the Sun shows a focus on death, with Pluto also the planetary ruler of homicide; its close conjunction to Brown suggests the focus of Palmeter’s murderous rage.  (Ryan with the Sun and Mercury is a typical placement for one’s own PNAs, which commonly interact with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury.)  Note that at the time of the murders, Requiem had returned to its natal degree, Karma was in square to its natal degree, and Ryan was widely opposed it, once again linking the natal energies that dominated Palmeter’s psyche. 

The entire solar cluster also opposes Saturn at 11 Gemini, ancient lord of death, with the earlier points further squared Anubis at 1 Virgo, and the latter points opposed Atropos at 17 Gemini with asteroid Black 11207 at 21 Gemini.  Atropos/Black is another marker of a desire to kill persons of color.  Note that Anubis is exactly conjunct Jackson for the shooting, with Palmeter driving a half hour from his home in Orange Park to enact his crime, perhaps drawn by this connection.  Natally Palmeter sports a conjunction of Gunn with Jackson at 27 and 28 Virgo, joined by Mars at 29 Virgo for the shooting, with an exact square from Gunn to natal Gluck at 27 Sagittarius (designating the weapon of choice), and a T-Square formed with Black at 21 Gemini (again establishing the focus of his hatred).  Here again we see the essential elements of this story, the venue (Jackson) bound with the specific (Gluck) firearm (Gunn) and the racial animus (Black).

palmeter DOB
Shooting suspect Ryan Palmeter was born with the Sun exactly conjunct TNO Ixion (murder), also conjoined asteroid Ryan, asteroid Requiem (funeral mass for the dead) and Pluto (planetary ruler of homicide), opposed Saturn (ancient lord of death) and T-squared asteroid Anubis (funerary rites), for a heavy, self-defining (Sun) psychic accent on death and murder

Natal Gluck at 27 Cancer is at station, turning retrograde on November 22nd, and is closely conjoined by transit Glockner at 26 Cancer for the killings, opposed transit Pluto and squared Lachesis and Osiris.  Gluck at station suggests a prominent role for associated proper nouns in Palmeter’s biography, in this case the Glock pistol with which he ended his life.  Also part of this combination is a natal exact pairing of asteroids King (for the King Road location) and Rip 7711 (which functions as a death indicator in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription) at 28 Libra, exactly squared by Pluto for the shooting.  This combination strongly associates the King Road location with the theme of death, put into hyperdrive by Pluto’s homicidal tendencies in the moment.  This duo conjoins natal Angelina at 26 Libra, squares natal Osiris at 24 Capricorn and natal Gluck, and opposes natal Lachesis with Carr at 18 and 25 Aries, which in itself unites one victim with a death indicator.

Natal asteroid Laguerre at 13 Aquarius conjoins Damocles at 10 Aquarius, showing the looming threat that Palmeter represented for victim Anolt Laguerre.  Damocles also squares asteroid Galliano at 6 Taurus and opposes a stationary asteroid Jerold at 15 Leo, for a similar threat to victim Jerrald Gallion (Jerold turned retrograde on December 6th).  Lastly, Damocles is exactly trine asteroid Angelica at 10 Libra, representing victim Angela Carr.

palmeter glock
Palmeter used a Glock semiautomatic pistol during his rampage; asteroid Gluck appears at station in his birth chart, conjoined by transit asteroid Glockner and opposed by Pluto for the crime; natal Glockner is exactly squared by natal asteroid Gunn with asteroid Jackson, T-squared by transit Neptune (insanity, fanaticism, victims)

A natal pairing of Uranus with Mars at 21 and 22 Aquarius indicates a violent, uncontrolled (Uranus) temper (Mars), and was hit off by the transit Grand Cross of Anubis, Gunn, Brown and Atropos/Uranus.  Natal Dolero at 3 Cancer exactly squares Nemesis at 3 Libra, linking the Dollar Store venue with destruction, and both were activated by the exact transit Moon/Ixion conjunction at 2 Capricorn for the shooting, creating a T-Square.  Transit King at 9 Cancer joins this configuration, further refining the location to The Dollar Store (Dolero) on King Road (King).

Yet another tragic, racially-motivated mass shooting in America, perpetrated by a mentally challenged young man with weapons that should never be available to the general public.

palmeter memorial
A memorial to the victims is erected outside the Dollar Store where they died; transit Requiem (funerals, memorials) had returned to its natal place in Palmeter’s chart for the shooting

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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A shocking crime and I was blown away by TNO Ixion in particular conjunct his Sun. I agree, why does anyone outside of the police and military need guns like this? It’s insanity to keep doing the same thing and hoping for a different result but that’s what the US is doing without gun control. Thanks Alex.

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