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Trumping Trump: Legal Nemeses Mueller & Avenatti

There are two principal sources to which Trump Resisters look for relief from the malaise, corruption and chaos which is the current administration: Special Counsel Robert Mueller, leading the FBI investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign; and lawyer Michael Avenatti, representing adult film star Stormy Daniels, with two civil lawsuits against the president. The two men could not be more different, but both present significant dangers to the completion of the Trump presidency.


Mueller’s taciturnity, avoidance of the press and publicity, and keeping his cards close to his vest is notorious, whereas Avenatti’s pugnacious, in-your-face style, with well-timed disclosures and a constant media presence, is working Trump’s game against him, dominating the stage normally controlled by Trump. Both men have key astrologic placements capable of accenting Trump’s native weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and his potential for self-undoing, and together form a formidable tag-team of legal threats for the 45th president.


Mueller and Avenatti are quite literally astrological opposites, one a Leo and the other an Aquarius. Born 7 August 1944 (no time available), Mueller’s 14 Leo Sun conjoins Trump’s 10 Leo Pluto, establishing Mueller as a potentially transformative, even devastating influence on Trump’s life. For Avenatti, born 16 February 1971 (no time available) the 27 Aquarius Sun closely conjoins Trump’s 29 Aquarius Descendant and falls exactly on his natal asteroid Ophelia. Avenatti has the potential to alter how Trump interacts with others and affect his primary relationships (Descendant), but also drives him a little nuts while he’s at it (Ophelia).


Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller, Trump nemesis #1

Both men have factors affecting their Suns which further clarify their basic essence. Mueller’s is conjunct Pluto at 8 Leo, identifying the Special Counsel as someone with a core of steel, able to dig deep, probe intensely into a matter, rooting out secrets and exposing abuses of power or scandalous behaviors. The close opposition from the 14 Leo Sun to asteroid Truth at 15 Aquarius signals someone of honor and integrity, for whom honesty, veracity and trustworthiness form core principals. The Sun also opposes asteroid Roberts at 16 Aquarius, a common connection for one’s own PNA, as well as more broadly opposed asteroid America at 6 Aquarius, affirming the lifelong service Mueller has given his country, from decorated soldier in Vietnam to federal prosecutor, FBI Director and now as Special Counsel.


Michael Avenatti’s 27 Aquarius Sun is conjoined by Damocles at 19 Aquarius, Michela at 20, Daniels at 26 and Askalaphus at 0 Pisces. Damocles with the Sun identifies Avenatti as a potential bringer of doom, all the more potent in that the blow which falls comes from an unexpected quarter and is unforeseen. As with Roberts opposed Mueller’s Sun, the presence of Michela, a variant of Michael, in conjunction with the Sun is a common PNA position. Daniels here, for current client Stormy Daniels, suggests a strong affinity between lawyer and client, as well as the potential she has to powerfully impact his life; certainly he would not be the nationally recognized figure he has become today without her case. Askalaphus is known for tale-bearing and the revealing of secrets, a more than useful attribute for a man in Avenatti’s line of work, as currently constituted. The Sun also squares asteroids Michelle and Michel, two more “Michael” variations, at 28 and 29 Scorpio, as well as asteroid Stephania at 25 Scorpio, another allusion to Ms. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford (this again shows lawyer and client to be closely bound up with each other).

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Michael Avenatti with client Stormy Daniels, suing Trump twice over

When considering the potential for bringing down another, blocking his progress toward goals, inhibiting freedom of action or just plain undoing, asteroid Nemesis comes into play. Originally the Greek goddess of divine retribution and vengeance, charged with taking down a peg mortals who had gotten above themselves, the term “nemesis” has come to mean any antagonistic, rival or competitive force which stands in our way or threatens to undo us.


In the birth chart and by transit, asteroid Nemesis represents both the point at which we are ourselves vulnerable to undoing, often self-created, and our ability to act that role with others. Donald Trump’s Nemesis at 16 Cancer is squared by asteroids Russia and Mueller at 12 and 13 Aries, illustrating the potential for undoing coming from that quarter. It was also the exact degree where asteroid Hillary found itself, at station, on Election Day 2016, illustrating Trump’s capacity to stymie another’s ambitions.


As regards our legal tag team of Mueller and Avenatti, both have points which weigh in on Trump’s natal Nemesis scale, as well as natal Nemesis placements which affect The Donald in telling ways. Mueller’s natal asteroids d’Arrest and Roberta at 19 and 20 Cancer conjoin trump’s Nemesis, with natal Whitehouse at 26 Cancer, on the outer edge of conjunction. Roberta (another “Robert” variant) makes Mueller’s involvement in Trump’s potential downfall a highly personal one; d’Arrest shows the possible type of intervention, in an actual indictment, and Whitehouse indicates the circumstance where Mueller might intervene, once Trump is ensconced in the Oval Office. Had Trump never become president, he and Mueller would likely never have crossed swords, and the Special Counsel’s power to act as Nemesis’ agent would have remained so much untapped potential in the birth chart. As always with Nemesis, it is one’s own actions which precipitate the fall. Opposing Trump’s Nemesis are Mueller’s Karma at 14 Capricorn, and his own Nemesis, at 21 Cap. This shows a fated quality (Karma) to their official interactions, and the role Mueller has to play regarding Trump’s undoing, and also establishes them as natural opponents, each with the power to adversely affect the other (Nemesis opposed Nemesis). It’s a race to the finish line – will Mueller indict before Trump removes him?


Lawyer Michael Avenatti, Trump nemesis #2

In addition to opposing Trump’s natal Nemesis, Muller’s Nemesis also opposes his Saturn, ruling career matters and the presidency itself, at 23 Cancer, and Venus, his financial dealings and love affairs, at 25 Cancer. Obviously these both have a major role to play in the investigations which may unseat 45. Mueller’s Nemesis also squares Trump’s Jupiter at 17 Libra, bringing political considerations into play.


For Michael Avenatti, the connections are more tenuous personally, but just as substantial. Avenatti sports a conjunction of asteroid Clifford and Uranus at 10 and 13 Libra, in square to Trump’s Nemesis. Clifford represents the Stormy Daniels case, with ongoing revelations (Uranus) that threaten to bring down Trump’s administration, but here Avenatti is acting as a facilitator for Stephanie Clifford’s potential, rather than contributing to the substance himself. Similarly, Avenatti also has a combination of TNO Chaos with asteroid Mueller, at 20 and 23 Aries, which both square Trump’s Nemesis. Avenatti is not involved with Mueller’s investigation directly, but the two feed off each other, which each new rock overturned by Avenatti forming another brick in the wall Mueller is building to incarcerate Trump, and accelerating the disruption (Chaos) in Trump’s world. And the relationship is symbiotic – Mueller’s passing on of certain alleged criminal acts by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to the US Southern District of New York helped to bolster Avenatti’s civil case against the president. Lastly, Avenatti’s Venus at 12 Capricorn opposes Trump’s Nemesis, suggesting the Stormy Daniels romantic interlude and the legal fiscal complications ensuing from the hush money payment.


Avenatti’s own Nemesis at 16 Sagittarius is within orb of Trump’s natal Sun/Moon polarity at 22 Gemini and 21 Sagittarius, marking him as potentially crucial in Trump’s personal downfall. But its closest aspect is the opposition to Trump’s natal Uranus at 17 Gemini, signaling shocks, surprises, revelations and general havoc, all of which combine to erode Trump’s position. Accompanying this Nemesis are Avenatti’s natal Mars and Kassandra, at 15 and 13 Sagittarius respectively, further refining the area and scope of Nemesis’ field of action: issues of sexuality (Mars) and credibility (Kassandra).


Mueller makes his points carefully and with precision, and that laser focus is now directed at Donald Trump

Another good marker of an individual’s impact in another’s biography is the placement of their respective PNAs in both charts. We’ve already seen how asteroid Mueller fits neatly into Trump’s Russia/Nemesis square, which is really all you need to know about the Special Counsel’s presumptive importance. But just to confirm that, we find asteroid Roberts at 19 Gemini, conjunct the Sun, and asteroid Roberta at 27 Sagittarius, widely with the Moon but more closely conjoined asteroid Achilles at 24 Sag, representing an inherent weakness or vulnerability. Any PNA on the Sun has the latent potential to help mold the destiny of the native, for good or ill, and one that brings out a vulnerability obviously can assist in that individual’s fall or destruction.


It’s a pity we don’t have something more definitive asteroid-wise for Avenatti, but the “Michael” variants will serve. Trump’s natal Michel and Michelle, at 4 and 6 Cancer, are crammed between his Washingtonia at 2 and Mercury at 8 Cancer, and opposing his Whitehouse at 4 Capricorn, squared Neptune at 5 Libra. The Mercury connection suggests that Michael weighs heavily in Trump’s thoughts, and especially so when time and place are active, as in the Oval Office and DC. Once those became significant factors in Trump’s life, Michel/Michelle’s importance was bumped up as well. Neptune’s presence here goes to confuse or obfuscate the situation, perhaps bringing disappointment, mental deterioration or physical incarceration (all Neptune-ruled).


Making the rounds: Avenatti has blitzed the media with continual revelations and disclosures, working Trump’s game against him

The third celestial stand-in for Michael, Michela, appears at 17 Taurus, exactly on Trump’s natal asteroid Lie and conjoined his Midheaven, highlighting themes of his dishonesty and affecting his reputation or standing in the world. And there have been an astonishing number of important “Michaels” in Trump’s presidential saga. There’s Mike Pence, the lickspittle Vice President; Michael Flynn, former NSA head, currently a felon assisting Mueller in his investigation; Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director and current Secretary of State; Michael Cohen, Trump’s “fixer” and the tie-in to the Stormy Daniels case; and of course Michael Avenatti himself. It should come as no surprise, therefore, to find that Michel and Michelle are both stationary in the Trump Administration chart, denoting an enhanced importance for individuals of that name to the outcome of Trump’s presidency.


So much for Mueller and Avenatti’s PNAs in Trump’s chart; what about Troemper in theirs? Mueller has an astounding exact T-Square of Troemper conjunct Uranus at 12 Gemini, opposed Washingtonia at 12 Sagittarius, and squared Mercury at 12 Virgo. Uranus exact with Troemper has the potential to “rock Trump’s world”, and not in a good way; the exact opposition to Washingtonia can have the same effect on the government, leaving the President and Congress shell-shocked and shattered. It is the information and facts (both Mercury) uncovered by Mueller which will set the match to Uranus’ dynamite.


If possible, Avenatti’s Troemper makes an even more dramatic statement, for Avenatti personally. At 26 Libra, Troemper is stationary, turning retrograde six days after his birth, making Trump one of the lodestars of Avenatti’s life, a vital still point upon which the entire chart revolves. It is the association with Trump which has propelled Avenatti to national stardom, a circumstance which he will certainly capitalize on in the future, “dining out” on this experience for the rest of his life, however the Stormy Daniels case resolves. Troemper is conjoined by asteroids Pandora (the unleashing of unintended consequences) and Washingtonia, at 29 Libra and 0 Scorpio, both also stationary. Pandora turned retrograde on the day of Avenatti’s birth, marking him as especially adept at releasing a host of troubles for others, in this case, specifically directed toward Trump (Troemper) and the capital (Washingtonia).


Troemper further forms a loose Grand Cross with oppositions to the Chaos/Mueller conjunction at 20 and 23 Aries noted previously, but also a wide opposition to Lie at 3 Taurus, which squares both Truth at 1 Leo and Achilles at 24 Capricorn, denoting the struggle between veracity and falsehood (Truth squared Lie) which frames the essential weakness (Achilles) of Donald Trump’s character (Troemper).

Two very different personalities, with very different approaches, but yoked together by Fate and circumstance to act in tandem as Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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