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The Tulsa Hospital Shooting

On June 1, 2022, a disgruntled patient opened fire at his doctor’s office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing four before turning the gun on himself.  Michael Louis, 45, had received surgery the month before for back pain, but found no relief.  Enraged, when his doctor failed to ease his suffering, he bought a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson semiautomatic handgun on May 29th, then an AR-15 style assault rifle just three hours before the shooting.

Louis drove to the Warren Clinic Orthopedic Surgery offices of his doctor in the Natalie Medical Building on the Saint Francis Hospital campus in Tulsa, where he shot and killed his surgeon, Preston Phillips, another orthopedist, Dr Stephanie Husen, receptionist Amanda Glenn and a fellow patient, William Love.  He then fatally shot himself.  Phillips was his target; the rest were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The first 911 call to Tulsa police was received at 4:52 PM CDT on June 1st, and as always, the skies reflect the earthly reality.  Shooter Michael Louis is represented by a variety of PNAs (Personal Named Asteroids), two of which show prominently on the Angles, highlighting him in the moment of his rampage.  Asteroid Michel (masculine French name for Michael, and an especially apt stand-in for Louis, who was born as “Michelet Louis-Baptiste”) at 21 Libra is at station, and appears on the 14 Libra Ascendant.  Stationary bodies represent literal “turning points” for those with which they resonate, and often indicate momentous changes or developments. 

tulsa Michael-Louis
Shooter Michael Louis is represented by asteroid Michel, at station (putting him at a turning point in his life) and on the Ascendant (emphasizing him as the face of the moment), squared Pluto (ruler of homicide); and asteroid Lewis, conjunct Nemesis (ruin and vengeance), opposed asteroids Anubis (funerary deity) and Gunn

Michel would turn direct six days after the shooting, and is in a Grand Cross with Pluto, modern ruler of death and planetary ruler of homicide, at 28 Capricorn; a pairing of asteroids Louise (feminine form of Louis) and Rip (a death indicator in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription) at 22 and 27 Cancer; and asteroid Warren with TNO Eris at 18 and 24 Aries on the 14 Aries Descendant, with Warren the name of the orthopedic clinic where the murders occurred, and Eris noted for connections to disaffected, disgruntled persons who see themselves as wronged or injured and seek redress. 

Louise is the other PNA which is angular, conjoined the 16 Cancer MC; this opposes asteroid Philippa (closest to Phillips, his surgeon’s surname) at 17 Capricorn on the 16 Cap IC.  Louise with Rip is also widely conjunct asteroid Oklahoma, the state where the shooting occurred, at 2 Leo. 

tulsa hospital
Saint Francis hospital was literally under the gun that day, with asteroid Francis conjunct the spotlighting Sun and squared asteroid Gunn

Asteroid Michelle, a second referent for Michael (the feminine French version) appears at 29 Taurus, in a remarkable grouping of retrograde Mercury at 26 Taurus (named for the Roman god whose staff is the caduceus, symbol of medicine), asteroids Preston (the surgeon’s first name) at 25, Wesson (for the Smith & Wesson handgun) at 22 and Natalie (the Medical Office Building) exact with Uranus (ruling shootings) at 16 Taurus.  Asteroid Lewis (a phonetic match for Louis) falls at 15 Pisces, conjoined asteroid Nemesis (vengeance, retribution, and a source of ruin or downfall) at 19 Pisces and asteroid Stefani (for Stephanie Husen, the second doctor killed) at 18 Pisces.

tulsa phillips
Michael Louis’ target was his surgeon, Dr. Preston Phillips; everyone else was just in the way. Asteroid Preston conjoins Michelle (feminine French version of Michael), Natalie (the building where the shooting occurred) and Uranus (shootings), T-Squared asteroid Atropos (the Fate who severs the thread of life at death) and Saturn (ancient lord of death)

The Sun at 11 Gemini conjoins asteroids Francis (for Saint Francis Hospital) at 10 Gemini and Lova (for William Love, the patient killed) at 16 Gemini, spotlighting the venue and a victim.  These square a triple conjunction of asteroids Anubis (named for the Egyptian deity governing funerary rites), William (again for patient William Love) and Gunn (homophone of “gun”) at 10, 13 and 16 Virgo.  A T-square is formed with Lewis/Stefani/Nemesis, while asteroid Stephania, another marker for Stephanie Husen, appears at 28 Pisces, conjunct Neptune at 25 Pisces, ruling hospitals and victims. 

tulsa victims
The victims of the shooting (clockwise from top left): Dr. Stephanie Husen, Dr, Preston Phillips, receptionist Amanda Glenn, and patient William Love. All had asteroids representing them interacting with death indicators on the day of the shooting – Stefani conjunct Nemesis and opposed Anubis, Preston opposed Atropos and squared Saturn, Amanda conjunct Lachesis and Saturn, and William conjunct Anubis.

Other indicators of the attack include the ongoing TNO Ixion (named for the first murderer in Greek myth) and centaur Pholus (with connections to multiple casualties) conjunction, currently at 2 and 6 Capricorn (the source of the rise in mass shootings since 2008; their conjunction continues through 2043), joined here by asteroid Smith (also for the Smith & Wesson handgun) at 5 Capricorn, T-squared with asteroid Yalefan (the hospital’s address is Yale Avenue) at 0 Libra and a Jupiter/Mars pairing at 3 and 5 Aries, with Mars ruling surgeons, guns, attacks and violent death, and Jupiter ruling doctors.  This becomes a Grand Cross with the inclusion of the Moon at 7 Cancer and asteroid Osiris at 29 Gemini, named for the Egyptian god of the dead.  Broadly incorporated in this pattern is asteroid Baptistina at 26 Sagittarius (opposing Osiris), for Michael Louis’ birth surname of Louis-Baptiste.  Its conjunction with the Galactic Center at 27 Sag promotes global attention or recognition.

tulsa natalie
The Natalie Medical Office Building, where the shooting occurred; asteroid Natalie was exactly conjunct Uranus, ruling shootings, and squared asteroid Lachesis, named for the Fate who determines the span of life

Also significant, asteroid Lachesis, named for the mythic Greek Fate who determines the span of life, which at 15 Aquarius is stationary (turning direct a week later) and conjoined asteroids Tula (closest to Tulsa) exact with Amanda (for receptionist Amanda Glenn) at 18 Aquarius, and Saturn, ancient lord of death, also ruling the back, at 25 Aquarius.   Saturn further forms a T-Square with asteroid Atropos at 28 Scorpio, the Fate who actually severs the thread of life at death, once Lachesis gives her the order, and the latter portions of the Taurus stellium, namely Wesson, Preston, Mercury and Michelle.

tulsa warren-clinic
The Warren Clinic, where Michael Louis killed his surgeon, Dr. Phillips; asteroid Warren conjoins the Descendant, opposed asteroid Michel on the Ascendant and T-squared asteroid Philippa on the IC

Another stunning and tragic example of the synchronous workings of Above and Below.  And we can now add “visiting your doctor” to the myriad activities in America which are not safe from gun violence, including going to school, buying groceries, dancing in a nightclub, attending a concert, shopping at Walmart, going to church or synagogue, and taking in a movie.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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