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Garden Glimpses: Beltane Beauties

The cold which had been such a feature of our early spring, and threatened to damage emerging buds and leaves, has continued in a less severe form into mid-spring, and has now become my friend.  Normally by Beltane most of the narcissus have bloomed and faded, with just sporadic dots of color across the garden, but the extended period of below-normal temps this year has acted like a florist’s cold case, preserving these beauties well into May.

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Garden Glimpses: Midseason Form

It’s been an odd spring, weatherwise.  We had an unseasonably warm start in late February, which popped the early bloomers like crocus and snowdrop, but then slowed to below normal temps, followed by drastic cold, with three consecutive nights dipping into the teens as March ended.  That was nerve-wracking:  so much was at a critical stage of development, and I could hardly cover the entire garden!  I did put some weighted pots over the new corydalis “Beth Evans”, which was budded much earlier than I dreamed, and took my chances with the rest. 

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RIP Emmett

On April 4, 2022, a dear feline friend, Emmett, passed away.  Emmett was the daughter of Embers, my cat Ashes’ sister, and thus her niece and a close relation, part of our extended family.  She was fur baby to my longtime friend, former landlord and cat rescue partner John Mignone, and is survived by her sister Maxine.  Emmette passed of complications from failing kidneys due to hyperthyroidism.

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Oscars 2022: And the Smackdown Goes to…

In the aftermath of the slap seen ‘round the world, will anyone remember who actually won Oscars at the 94th annual Academy Awards?  Will anyone care?  Moments after presenter Chris Rock uttered a rather tasteless joke about Jada Pinkett Smith appearing in “G.I. Jane 2” (based on her shaved scalp due to alopecia hair loss), hubby Will Smith, nominated as Best Actor, strode to the stage and smacked the comedian full on the face, then returned to his seat, and yelled at Rock to “Keep my wife’s name out your fuckin’ mouth!”  Minutes later Smith accepted his Oscar, tearfully apologizing to everyone except Chris Rock for his violent outburst.

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Garden Glimpses: An Ant’s-Eye Equinox

Spring first unfurls in the garden, not in sweeping vistas, but dots of color punctuating winter’s drab.  A snowdrop emerges and glistens pristine white from a mulched bed; a crocus spreads its vibrant yellow blossom widely in response to the waxing sun, its bladed leaves slicing through the encroaching straw-colored grassy turf at the path’s edge.  Vivid green tips of mid-season daffodils rise upward in hopeful aspiration, massed in patches across the landscape.  The initial change of seasons is emphatic, but lost in panorama; it’s best viewed up close, at the level of the perforated earth, in much the way a passing ant might see it.

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Garden Glimpses: First Stirrings

In the garden, March Madness has more to do with the weather than anything else.  One day it’s 72, the next night we’re down to 15 again.  Nature doesn’t seem to know which season it wants to be, and this dilatory musing can be a real challenge for the gardener intent on coaxing as much bloom as possible from the landscape.  Early heat can set tender buds to swelling, which later are subject to freezing if temps dip again, blighting the blossom and eliminating an entire season of bloom for some species.

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