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AAA Profile: King Charles III

On November 14, 2022, Charles III of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will celebrate his 74th birthday, the first as King.  Having served the longest apprenticeship in British royal history, Charles had been heir apparent for seventy years before his mother passed away in early September and the Prince of Wales finally came into his inheritance.   It had been a long road.  Once the world’s most eligible bachelor, Charles became half of the fairytale wedding of the 20th century, followed by scandal and divorce, and a second, controversial marriage with the love of his life.  While kicking his heels for three-quarters of a century, Charles established The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, founded in 1979, which awards money to grant applicants in six categories:  heritage and conservation, education, health and wellbeing, social inclusion, environment, and countryside.  He is also a noted proponent of efforts to combat climate change and species extinction.

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Garden Glimpses: Late Autumn Color

It’s November, and Nature is retreating from her active stance, but even as she presses pause on another season of fruitfulness, there is color and beauty everywhere you turn.  The bounty of the harvest is still visible in every roadside farmstand, with bevvies of pumpkins, gourds and squashes in every imaginable hue, from classic oranges and yellows to reds, pinks, greens, whites, greys, even black.  Solid, spotted, banded, freckled or striped; warted, grooved, bumpy or smooth, there’s something for every taste, and all still appropriate as seasonal décor, inside or out, through the looming Thanksgiving holiday.

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Halloween Ends

Such a tragedy will of course never occur, but the recent feature film of that name might be reflecting my personal reality.  Halloween, at least to the extent that I’ve been celebrating it, might well be a thing of the past after this year.  The mammoth undertaking of resetting the house and garden for Spooky Season is becoming more difficult every time, and took almost three weeks on this latest round.  It’s an “undertaking” I’m not sure I can continue, so in case this year should be the last where I take things to the max, I decided to create a photo record of my efforts on behalf of the ghoulies, ghosties, and things that go bump in the night.  Come join me on this “tour de fright.”

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Art Imitates Astrology: Buffyverse Character Tara Maclay

In a recent AAA post, I honored the 25th anniversary of the premiere of perhaps my favorite TV series of all time, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and opined at the article’s close about how much I missed seeing the show.  Well, the syndication gods have smiled upon me, and just months later, “Buffy” retuned from the celluloid undead to brighten the screen via Comet TV.  As faithful readers of this site will remember, October usually brings at least one horror-or-Halloween-related article, but after five years, I was running out of ideas.  There didn’t seem the ghost of a chance that I’d find a suitable topic, and then my replay of “Buffy” paid off in a snippet I could sink my teeth into:  birth data from the tombstone of a major character.

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Articles From the Crypt

It’s that time of year again – Spooky Season! Over the years, AAA has amassed a cursed treasure trove of articles about all things Halloween, from themed pieces on witches, vampires, slasher films, horror actors and “Dark Shadows”, to tours of my home, original short stories and poems. In case you missed it, here’s a listing of horrific headlines to chill your blood or scratch that tingle:


Witchy Asteroids

Bela Lugosi Profile

“Halloween” Turns 40

Astrology of “Dark Shadows

Barnabas Collins

Astrology of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Vampires in Literature

Vampires in Film


Philadelphia Property, 2017

Nazareth Property, 2020

Nazareth Property, 2021


A Samhain Tale

Trio of Terror

A Celtic Halloween Story

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Garden Glimpses: Summer’s End

It’s been a hot, dry summer, and I’m not sorry to see it go.  Total rainfall for July on the property was three quarters of an inch – yeah, you read that right!  “Normal” (whatever that means anymore) is about five inches.  August was little better, with just an inch and a third by late month.  Temps were above average, too – Philadelphia experienced one of the hottest summers on record, with more than thirty days seeing highs of 90+, and the hottest average temperature ever for July and August. 

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