Asteroid Astrology: Page 6

singers 2023 cover

Aster-Obit: Singers Sign Off

In late July 2023 a trio of notable performers exited earth with swan songs of their own.  American icon Tony Bennett passed on July 21, Irish singer Sinead O’Connor and Eagles founding member and vocalist Randy Meisner both died on the 26th.  They were accompanied by a host of lesser-known (to US audiences, anyway) singers cross the globe, with no less than 10 others passing during that five-day period, from lands as disparate as India, Kenya, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Jamaica and the UK.

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echinacea18 tiger

Garden Glimpses: Lammas Lovelies

It has certainly been an odd growing season.  In the six weeks from May 1 to mid-June, normally a fairly wet period, we recorded just a quarter inch of rain on the property.  The ensuing six weeks, to late July, normally a fairly dry period, saw seventeen inches!  About an inch a week is sufficient to keep most plants going without hydration support, but unfortunately the effect isn’t cumulative – those 17” bunched together won’t last 17 weeks, and now, as August begins, it’s looking drier again.  But I’ve enjoyed the break from the Gunga Din routine that kept me hopping through last summer’s drought.

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barbenheimer cover

Barbenheimer Rules!

Let me say up front that I have seen neither of the summer blockbusters, “Barbie” or “Oppenheimer,” which combine in this article’s portmanteau title, nor do I intend to.  That said, it simply isn’t possible to ignore them, or be unaware of their existence.  “Barbie,” in particular, has been cross-publicized in a dizzying variety of promotional tie-ins to other products and services, everything from fast food to auto insurance.  Watching commercials for the two weeks prior to its release was like living a Pepto Bismol fever dream.

Nevertheless, Barbenheimer is fast on its way to becoming a cultural phenomenon, and as such, worthy of celestial consideration.  And the cosmos has been paying attention, no doubt.

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alice annabelle

Garden Glimpses: Hydrangea Haven

[Alice and Annabelle hydrangeas relax in the shade, with a less-than-usually-troublesome squirrel standing guard]

Or is that “heaven”?  It’s been awhile coming, but now, in their third summer here, the hydrangeas are really beginning to come into their own.  I have five varieties, four Oakleaf and one arborescens, and all are showing improvement over last year’s output.

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ablation cover

Heart to Heart

On Monday 5 June 2023, I went into a local hospital for a heart ablation.  I’ve had rhythm issues for almost twenty years, originating in a heart defect when I was born, with a hole in a ventricle.  I had open-heart surgery to repair this at age 3, in 1963, when such things were still a novelty.  The surgery was a complete success, I’ve never had an issue with my heart since, but as I aged into my forties, arrhythmias developed, as I understand is common among pediatric heart patients.

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may shade1

Garden Glimpses: Sprummer

No longer spring, but not quite summer – it’s Sprummer in the garden!  Emerging as the last of the spring bulbs are fading, and the first of the summer perennials are starting to bud, Sprummer is that liminal time between seasons, populated florally by a few choice plants with roots in spring and tips in summer. 

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