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Asteroid Sleuth: The Case of the Flipped Flag

On 16 May 2024, the New York Times broke a story concerning US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, the gist of which gives another black eye to the fantasy that the SCOTUS, currently embattled by a string of ethics violations revelations, is actually a fair and impartial, nonpartisan body.  Apparently, during the interim between the January 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection and Joe Biden’s January 20th inauguration, Justice Alito flew the American flag at his home in Alexandria, Virginia, upside down. 

alito testimony
Wait! Is that Samuel Alito testifying before Congress about his support for an insurrection? Nah, false alarm, just a House Appropriations Committee hearing. But with asteroids Flagstaff, Themis and Photographica conjunct, in a T-Square with Samuele and Saturn, Justice (Themis) Alito (Samuele) was bound to get some blowback and criticism (Saturn) from that pic (Photographica) of his reversed flag (Flagstaff)

This is significant, as that flag orientation was being used as a protest by adherents of the so-called “Stop the Steal” movement, that misguided attempt to overthrow the legitimate election results and maintain Donald J. Trump in power, flouting the will of the American people.  The upside-down flag was hoisted by a number of those who stormed the Capitol, threatened the life of the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, injured Capitol Police, vandalized the property and desecrated it with excrement.  For a SCOTUS Justice to express solidarity with this movement is beyond abhorrent. 

When approached for comment on the article, which includes a picture of the inverted flag taken by neighbors at the time, Justice Alito replied in an email, and with Supreme courage and gallantry, threw his wife Martha under the bus, saying it was all her idea.  Apparently, chivalry is dead, after all.

alito cuffs
Wait! Is that Justice Samuel Alito in handcuffs, arrested for his support for an insurrection? Nah, false alarm, that’s just a watch and a bracelet. But with an exact conjunction of Samuele and Flagstaff when the flag was flown upside-down, in a T-Square with asteroids Themis and Alexandra with Hera, we see Justice (Themis) Alito’s (Samuele) direct involvement (conjunction) in the flag incident (Flagstaff) at his Alexandria, Virgina (Alexandra) home, despite his attempts to blame his wife (Hera)

That Samuel Alito should find himself at such a juncture is perhaps inevitable, given placements in his birth chart which reflect the act.  Born on April Fool’s Day 1950 at 12:56 AM EST in Trenton, New Jersey (Rodden Rating AA), the conservative Justice comes by his political philosophy naturally, with asteroid Samuele 11622 at 11 Sagittarius (for Samuel) squared Saturn, traditional ruler of conservatism, at 14 Virgo.  From there, Saturn conjoins the Moon at 18 Virgo, providing an emotional component to his views; as well as asteroid America 916 at 19 Virgo, here, with the Moon, evoking a very sentimentalist, “hearth and home” vibe in Alito’s judicial approach to the country, which he likely wishes would revert to the “pristine” America of his youth in the ‘50s, a fantasy world much hyped by conservatives, but which never truly existed.  (Samuele squared the Moon also comports to the typical PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) placement, which commonly connects with the Sun, Moon Ascendant or Mercury in the birth chart.)

All these points square asteroid Justitia 269 at 23 Sagittarius, named for the Roman goddess of justice, and Alito’s job title since ascending to the SCOTUS in 2006.  Saturn squared Justitia provides the conservative outlook; America squared Justitia suggests a national role to play in the federal judiciary; the Moon squared Justitia is an indicator that Alito’s rulings come more from the heart than the head, with emotions weighing heavily on his style of justice.  Justitia conjoined the 1 Capricorn Ascendant (Saturn’s Sign, another factor in his conservative outlook) makes his job a defining feature of his public image, affecting how others see him.

alito jan 6
Wait! Is that Justice Samuel Alito storming the Capitol with an inverted US flag on January 6, 2021? Nah, false alarm, it’s just Photoshop. But with the Sun conjunct Uranus and Jupiter on the day the New York Times broke the flag story, the focus (Sun) was on a SCOTUS member (Jupiter) who supported an insurrection (Uranus); which Justice had his reversed flag photographed is seen by asteroids Themis (justice) and Samuele (Alito) conjoined, squared Neptune (planetary ruler of photography)

Alito also has a very strong Uranian energy, with the planet ruling liberalism and progressives exactly on his 1 Cancer Descendant.  This seems odd at first blush, until we remember that Uranus also rules radicalism and extremes.  Also here at 1 Cancer – asteroid Martha 205, for his wife.  Gee, maybe Mrs. Alito really was the rebellious mover and shaker in the flag incident!

But to return for a moment to the Saturn/Samuele square, and our topic.  This pattern becomes a T-Square when we factor in a cluster of points in Pisces:  namely, asteroids Flagstaff 2118, Themis 24 and Photographica 443, at 6, 9 and 14 Pisces respectively.  Flagstaff’s role here is obvious; Themis is named for the Greek goddess of justice, and ties us back to Alito’s job; and Photographica, again, is apparent as the image taken of the upside-down flag. 

alito bush
Samuel Alito was appointed to the SCOTUS by George W. Bush, who used to be our worst president; asteroid Busch conjunct Saturn shows Bush as pivotal in Alito’s career (Saturn), while asteroid George semisquare asteroid Justitia shows the SCOTUS connection specifically

This configuration foretells a SCOTUS Justice (Themis) named Samuel Alito (Samuele) who receives criticism and censure (Saturn) after a picture (Photographica) of his flag (Flagstaff) is made public.  And what’s wrong with that flag?  Why, that would be explained by asteroid Enver 24541, which at 1 Gemini is squared Flagstaff (though too wide in orb to be considered part of the pattern as a whole).  Enver is related to the French term a l‘envers, which means, “upside-down.”  Also squared to Themis and broadly T-Squared with Samuele, we can intuit that Justice (Themis) Alito (Samuele) also practices a judicial philosophy that is somehow inverted (Enver) as well.

It hasn’t been determined when the flag was first hung incorrectly, how long it remained that way, or when it was rectified, but the photo in question was dated 17 January 2021.  The chart for that day is also remarkable for what it reveals about the incident.

alito sworn
Samuel Alito is sworn as a Justice of the SCOTUS; at his Senate confirmation on January 31, 2006, asteroid Samuele opposes Jupiter (ruling both the Senate and the SCOTUS), sextile asteroid Senator

Alito’s response to the Times reads as follows:  “I had no involvement whatsoever in the flying of the flag. It was briefly placed by Mrs. Alito in response to a neighbor’s use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard signs.”  That makes sense.  I don’t know about you, but whenever my neighbors piss me off, I invert my flag. 

Digging deeper, it appears the neighbor posted a sign with a very disparaging reference to Trump, and then called Martha Alito a “cunt” when she remonstrated with him about it.  Again, flag inversion and identification with an attempt to overthrow the government does seem like the way to go here.

alito wife
Martha Alito, nee Bomgardner, apparently applying air quotes to the phrase “President Biden”; with natal asteroid Martha exactly conjunct Uranus and the Descendant, we might think this life partner (Descendant) is the more radical (Uranus) of the two, but a square from asteroid Photographica to a pairing of asteroids Juno and NOT when the flag pic was taken suggests his wife (Juno) had little to no (NOT) involvement in the incident portrayed by the Times (Photographica)

Two squares in particular apply here in the date in question.  First, an exact pairing of asteroids Flagstaff and Samuele at 5 Libra is squared by asteroid Themis at 1 Capricorn.  This again directly connects Alito (Samuele) with the flag inversion issue at hand (Flagstaff).  Given the exact conjunction and the fact that Samuele is also embedded at station, indicating some level of being dug in and unwilling to budge, plus the Themis contact which identifies the Justice as the responsible party, it seems that Alito himself was the instigator here, not his wife.

Further confirmation of this theory is provided by the second square, which involves asteroid Photographica at 6 Virgo, squared to a cluster of points in Sagittarius.  These are asteroids NOT 2857, Juno 3 and Enver, at 7, 9 and 14 Sag respectively.  NOT is a general disqualifier, a symbol of negation; Juno is named for the Roman goddess of marriage, and represents the spouse; Enver, again, is the inverting of the flag.  Put it all together, it spells out “wife (Juno) didn’t (NOT) flip the flag in the picture (Photographica).”

alito trump
Donald Trump and Samuel Alito see eye-to-eye in more than just this image; natal asteroid Troemper in a T-Square with Alito’s Sun/Mercury conjunction and Neptune suggests the two share a mindset (Mercury) and a taste for fanatic fervor (Neptune); asteroid Troemper in a T-Square with asteroids Justitia and Martha for the flag incident show the Justice (Justitia) and his wife (Martha) as staunch supporters of the defeated President (Troemper)

A T-Square strongly associates the Alitos with Trump’s cause.  Asteroid Justitia at 27 Leo appears on its fulcrum, in square to asteroid Troemper 28130 (our celestial referent for The Donald) at 22 Taurus exactly opposed asteroid Marth at 22 Scorpio, again linking the Justice (Justitia) and his wife (Marhta) with Donald Trump (Troemper).  This pattern becomes a synastric Grand Cross with the inclusion of Alito’s natal Jupiter, ruling the judiciary generally and the SCOTUS in particular, at 27 Aquarius, making this incident one which seriously calls into question Alito’s ability to perform his job without undue bias.

Indeed, calls for Alito to recuse himself, not just from any SCOTUS decisions involving Trump directly, but all matters arising from the January 6th insurrection, have been loud and insistent since the release of the Times report.   But with absolutely no enforcement mechanism available to require this, we may assume the request will fall on deaf ears.

alito flag
At long last, the offending photo! When the Times story broke, asteroid Photographica was semisquare to both asteroid Justitia (Justice) and an exact union of asteroids NOT (“don’t do this!”) and Enver (related to the French term “a l’envers,” meaning “upside-down”), squared Mercury (newspapers)

When the Times story broke on May 16th, a wide conjunction of asteroids Flagstaff and Justitia at 8 and 18 Gemini squared asteroid Envers at 15 Virgo, designating the subject of the article as an inverted (Envers) flag (Flagstaff) involving a SCOTUS Justice (Justitia).  Specifying which Justice is asteroid Samuele at 26 Gemini conjoined asteroid Themis at 25 Gemini (with both atop Trump’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini), squared by Neptune at 29 Pisces, itself conjunct asteroid House 4950 at 2 Aries.  Neptune is the planetary ruler of photography, and House signals the domestic sphere where the incident occurred.  This is a restatement of the photographic evidence (Neptune) of a lapse in judgment (also Neptune) at the home (House) of Justice (Themis) Alito (Samuele), in expressing his fanatical views (Neptune again). 

Third time’s the charm, and the story’s essence is repeated yet again by asteroid Photographica at 28 Cancer, semisquare both Envers at 15 Virgo and Flagstaff at 8 Gemini, for yet another variation on the theme of a photo (Photographica) of an upside-down (Enver) flag (Flagstaff).  Saturn at 17 Pisces forms a T-Square with Envers and Justitia at 18 Gemini, with asteroid NOT exactly aligned with Envers at 15 Virgo.  This represents the criticism and blowback (Saturn) for Alito (Justitia), who should not (NOT) have flown his flag upside-down (Enver).

alito SCOTUS
The current SCOTUS, with a 6-3 conservative majority; at a minimum, Samuel Alito (bottom row, second from right) should recuse himself from all Trump- or January 6th-related cases, but with no enforcement mechanism, that’s unlikely to happen

The news about the goings-on at their Alexandria, Virgina home and the attempt to blame his wife is seen in a conjunction of Mercury (news) at 1 Taurus with asteroid Alexandra 54 (for Alexandria) at 4 Taurus and asteroid Hera 103 at 27 Aries, named for the Greek goddess of marriage.  With Mercury opposed asteroid Virginia 50 at 20 Libra, we have the context of the full address, and a T-Square with asteroid Photographica at 28 Cancer reiterates the photo taken there.

While we all understand that SCOTUS Justices are human beings, with the usual likes and dislikes, preferences and aversions, we may justly expect that these are put aside, as far as possible, in the performance of their official duties.  Even the stoutest heart may fail in this at times, but it appears Samuel Alito isn’t even trying.

To identify with a political perspective or candidate is one thing, but to actively and publicly support an insurrection is quite another.  Samuel Alito has clearly shown his allegiance, and it’s not to the flag.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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I can’t believe that it took so long for this story to come out. Great point that it reflected the conjunction of the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus! Plus all the asteroids you have identified. It is sad that SCOTUS can no longer be relied upon as a check against the political abuse of power. It is hard to see how things can get better either since there is no accountability for these justices. Great aster-detective work and enjoyed the humour too. Thanks Alex!


What a singularly unattractive man! Just look at all the pouty pictures of him!
If were Martha, I would divorce him for his disloyalty – but it sounds as if they deserve each other…
Here in South Africa, it’s election day today and I’m hoping for a big reversal of fortune for some people who don’t deserve the power they’ve now had for MUCH too long.


The results were not at all bad! YAY!

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