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AAA Profile: The Biden Administration

By Constitutional fiat, all US administrations begin at 12 Noon on the January 20th following a general election, regardless of when the oath of office is actually sworn.  This provides a celestial continuity from decade to decade, with all administrations having an early Aquarius Sun conjunct a late Capricorn MC, and a mid-Taurus Ascendant (unless begun by the death or resignation of the previous office holder).  But within that rigid framework, the permutations are virtually endless, especially when asteroids are considered.

Yet what is probably the most daunting element of the Biden administration’s birth chart has nothing to do with asteroids.  It’s the square from the 0 Aquarius Sun to an exact pairing of Mars and Uranus at 6 Taurus, angular on the 14 Taurus Ascendant.  Mars/Uranus speaks of anger, violence and volatility, all in conflict (square) with the Biden team, not an auspicious beginning.  On the Ascendant, these represent the public face of the administration, its most visible component, and the best I have to say about that is this combination does bring a great deal of energy, something sorely needed to pull us up out of the malaise and torpor of the Trump era.  With Mars ruling contagious infection and Uranus ruling science and technology, the COVID-19 pandemic and how to combat it has a front row seat at the inaugural, which will be the first to be held virtually, due to health concerns stemming from the virus.   So from the get-go, the coronavirus puts its stamp on how the new President is viewed.  Mars also rules on the military, and with 20,000 National Guard troops called out to protect the inaugural after the recent insurrection, the military will be a very visible presence, another consequence of Mars on the Ascendant.

The Moon is drawn into this pattern in an out-of-Sign square from 29 Aries, where it also conjoins TNO Eris at 24 Aries (this is too wide to be considered connected to Mars/Uranus, but does square the Sun).  Eris represents discontented, disaffected populations, who see themselves as marginalized and disrespected.  Gee, I wonder who that might refer to?  Perhaps the 74 million who voted for Donald Trump, and refuse to accept his defeat?  The push-me-pull-you of a population (represented by the Moon) torn between strife and division on one side (Eris) and downright violence on the other (Mars/Uranus) is not a pleasant prospect to contemplate.  We’ve just had an early preview of the potential of this combination, in the storming and sacking of the Capitol at the Epiphany Coup on January 6th.  It’s entirely conceivable that violence in some form will mar the day itself, and could become a hallmark of the next four years.

Lending support for this outcome is Pluto at 24 Capricorn, conjunct the 26 Cap MC and the Sun itself, as well as squared the Moon.  Pluto is not noted for finesse, or pulling its punches, and it has a deep dark side which also resonates to criminality and violence.  Yes, it potentially aids in making the enormous transformation that needs to occur in the country, but not without some pitfalls along the way.  If the administration can channel this energy into the rebirth and regeneration elements of Pluto, bringing the nation back from the brink of economic and public health debacles, all may be well. 

Joe Biden at his first swearing-in as Vice President, in 2009; asteroids Jose and Giuseppina, both Joseph variations, are stationary in the Inauguration chart, confirming Joe’s importance on the day

But Pluto respects nothing so much as raw power, and you know what they say about power – it corrupts, another of Pluto’s hallmarks.  And elevated on the MC, power will be the issue here, the focus of all eyes, the goal of all contenders.  Given the square to the Moon/Eris conjunction, the access route to that power may be seen as the disgruntled electorate, with Pluto’s penchant for manipulation on full display.  Pluto provides the administration with the seed of transformation and renewal, but will that seed germinate in the Mars/Uranus, Moon/Eris soil?

Also with the Sun is Saturn at 3 Aquarius, and Jupiter at 7.  Talk about push-me-pull-you!  Jupiter says “Leap ahead!”, while Saturn replies, “Hurry up and wait!”  These are naturally antithetical energies, difficult to combine successfully.  Saturn, as closer to the Sun, has the edge with the administration, allowing it to be authoritative, focused, hard-working and competent, perhaps masterful.  But it can also delay, restrict, limit or deny – Saturn will only allow progress once lessons have been learned and mastery achieved.  It can be a tediously slow process, but it is thorough, and there are rewards for those who meet Saturn’s harsh standards.

Jupiter represents expansion and increase, but can be overly optimistic and too broad-based in its approach, not paying enough attention to the details and practical how-to’s.  Yet an overarching philosophy is vital to success – there has to be a unifying vision, or energies become dispersed and expended to no purpose.  Jupiter/Saturn is a perilous tightrope to walk, but it’s an intrinsic part of Biden’s challenge.

National Guard troops sleeping in Statuary Hall at the Capitol; 20,000 were called up to protect the Inauguration – with Mars ruling the military, conjoined the Ascendant, a visible sign of their presence

That this conjunction also squares Mars/Uranus?  That’s just an invitation to trouble.  The zeitgeist of the times would seem to be political extremism and division, and Jupiter/Saturn squared Mars/Uranus in the administration chart is a template for four years of politics-based (Jupiter) violence (Mars), upheaval and rebellion (Uranus), focused on the government (Saturn), stemming from ultra-conservative movements (also Saturn).  Energies attached to the Sun become self-defining, so with this conglomeration in a solar relationship, this strife could become the predominant feature of Biden’s first term.

Also illuminating the challenges of Jupiter conjunct Saturn is a polarity of asteroids straddling the Horizontal Axis:  Pelion at 15 Taurus on the Ascendant opposing Industria at 14 Scorpio on the Descendant.  Angular points are emphasized and have enhanced force, power and relevance.  Pelion is named for the highest mountain in Greece, and represents a “steep uphill climb.”  As its name implies, Industria refers to effort and hard work, good ole’ fashioned elbow grease, supported by a strong work ethic.  It’s “nose to the grindstone” time for the Biden administration, as it spits on its hands and gets down to the business of sorting out the damage left by Trump to get the nation back on its feet again, all the while struggling up that huge mountain of a to-do list.

Joe Biden is of course well represented in the chart, if in somewhat disturbing ways.  Asteroid Josephina (feminine variation of Joseph, for which there is no exact asteroid match) at 23 Aquarius conjoins asteroid Bida, our closest referent to Biden, at 27 Aquarius, and asteroid Camillo (for VP Kamala Harris) lies between, at 25 Aquarius, uniting two of Biden’s PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) with one representing his Vice President, suggesting a close, hand-in-glove working relationship.  But also here is Damocles, exact with Camillo at 25 Aquarius. 

Reviewing stands for the Inauguration being built at the Capitol; with its Sun squared an exact Mars/Uranus conjunction, these stands were covered with violent insurrectionists just two weeks before the ceremony

Damocles is the doom hanging unseen overhead, and its impact on the administration is bolstered by the fact that it is exactly returned to its natal degree in Joe Biden’s chart, from where it conjoins natal asteroid Whitehouse at 28 Aquarius.  The implication is that, from birth, there is some hidden doom for Biden connected with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and that natal potential is now being dramatically reinforced with the Damocles Return in his administration’s chart.  These points, natal and transit, all square Biden’s 27 Scorpio Sun and 28 Scorpio Venus, which is currently being conjoined by transit asteroid Nemesis at 29 Scorpio, a point referring to undoing, blockage or hindrance.

Adding it all up, we see the potential for some disaster (Damocles) visited upon Biden (Sun, Josephina, Bida) once he attains the Oval Office (Whitehouse), relating to a female (Venus) with a name resonating to Camillo (Kamala), which brings ruin or destruction (Nemesis).  Hey, don’t blame me, I just call ‘em as I see ‘em!

While we’re on the subject of looming threats and nemeses, let’s talk The Donald.  Trump is not out of the picture quite yet, as attested by a T-Square involving asteroid Troemper, his celestial referent.  From 22 Taurus, Troemper conjoins TNO Sedna at 27 Taurus, squares the Josephina/Bida/Camilo/Damocles stellium and opposes Nemesis.  This says that Trump, although predominantly isolated and “out in the cold” (Sedna, named for an Inuit goddess who dwells in the deepest, most inaccessible part of the Arctic Ocean) still poses a threat (Damocles) to the Biden/Harris (Josephina/Bida/Camillo) administration, as an archenemy, opponent and adversary (all Nemesis).  As connected to Biden’s PNAs (and his natal Sun), not the Sun of the administration, Trump’s is a personal antipathy, with a score to settle that may or may not work itself out politically.  His beef is not with the administration per se, but rather with the man who heads it.

Sitting on the sidelines; about-to-be former US President Donald Trump may be down, and won’t attend the ceremony, but he’s not yet out; asteroid Troemper conjoined TNO Sedna for the Inauguration depicts his isolation, but a T-square with Nemesis and Damocles indicates there’s still plenty of mischief he can perform

Potentially also in the bete noir category is Senate about-to-be-Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  McConnell made the last years of the Obama administration a living hell, refusing to bring his judicial nominees to a floor vote for confirmation (most notably with SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland), then spent four years packing the federal judiciary with ultra-conservative Trump appointees, and finished out the last two years, after Dems regained control of the House, refusing to allow their passed legislation so much as a debate.  The eleventh-hour flip on January 5th of two runoff elections in Georgia, previously held by Republican incumbents, has brought Democrats to parity in the US Senate, with a 50-50 split between the two Parties.  In such cases, the tie-breaking vote is cast by the “President of the Senate”, which is a title held by the sitting US Vice President, now Kamala Harris, and so the Party who controls the White House is also given control of the Senate.

So Mitch McConnell loses his Majority Leader status, and all the power to obstruct the administration’s agenda that goes with it.  With asteroid Mitchella, a feminine variant of Mitch, exactly squared the administration Sun from 0 Scorpio, Mitch McConnell is personally opposed to the new regime, but asteroid McConnell at 8 Capricorn, in close conjunction with asteroid Josefa, another Joseph referent, suggests that in his official capacity he may be able to find common ground with the new President. 

Points which are conjoined can either represent energies which combine well together, or continually chafe.  In either case, escape is impossible, a working compromise has to be found; this will certainly be the case for McConnell and Biden, if the former seeks to have any role in directing the administration’s impulses.  Biden and McConnell have known each other well for years as Senate colleagues, and I have a sneaking suspicion that, despite their philosophical differences, McConnell will be far happier dealing with the new President than the old one, a rank outsider with no deal-making or political skills beyond manipulation of the masses, whose antics must have caused McConnell many sleepless nights.

McConnell’s replacement as Senate Majority Leader will be Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who will attain this office as soon as the newly minted Georgia senators are sworn.  Schumer is represented by asteroids Charlotte (for Charles) and Schumi (for Schumer), which at 2 and 7 Capricorn also conjoin Josefa, Schumi exactly.  This describes a close relationship, though possibly not without some friction.  Asteroid Schumann, another alternate for Schumer, opposes the 0 Aquarius Sun from 2 Leo, an additional indicator of Schumer’s pivotal role in facilitating the administration’s agenda.

About-to-be former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (trust me, I’m doing you a favor by showing him masked) will be the most visible point of resistance to the new regime; asteroid Mitchella exactly squares its Sun, but asteroid McConnell conjoins Josefa, so perhaps some compromises can be reached

On the House side, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is represented by asteroid Nancy, which at 24 Sagittarius conjoins asteroid Whitehouse at 19 Sagittarius, suggesting support and cooperation with the Oval Office.  With asteroid Senator also conjunct Nancy from 27 Sagittarius, coordination between these branches is ensured.  Asteroid House at 18 Cancer opposes Venus at 15 Capricorn and is exactly inconjunct Mercury at 18 Aquarius, symbolizing the female (Venus) House (House) Speaker (Mercury).

Let’s look next at stationary points.  Planets or asteroids at station make a huge impact in a chart – they are embedded and entrenched, their energies magnified by slowing motion, pause, and change of direction.  They are the still points upon which the chart revolves, whether aspected or no.

First off, asteroid Harris!  Yes, the surname of the new VP has an exact celestial referent, and it’s at station!  This neatly encapsulates Kamala Harris’ pivotal role in moving the administration’s agenda through Congress; in many ways, legislative success will depend on her more than the President, due to the unique nature of her tie-breaking capabilities in the Senate.  At 13 Libra, Harris turns retrograde on February 7th, but is already at its station degree – and note that degree!  13 Libra conjoins the US Saturn, representing the presidency itself, within one degree, and squares its 13 Cancer Sun exactly.  More on that later.  (Also representing Harris is asteroid Camilla, another variant of Kamala, which at 25 Libra closely squares Pluto at 24 Capricorn, suggesting the power she will wield.)

Also at station are two more Biden referents:  asteroid Jose, the Spanish version of the name, which turns retrograde from 5 Libra on January 26th; and asteroid Giuseppina, a feminine Italian variation, which follows suit from 11 Libra on February 3rd.  Both are at their station degrees on Inauguration Day.  This reinforces Joe Biden’s importance in the administration, as if we needed a cosmic endorsement of that.  But it does confirm Biden as a “hands-on” President, not a mere figurehead.  Exactly conjunct Jose is asteroid BAM, often a signifier of explosions of some sort, from the pop-pop of a handgun to a nuclear blast.  This is a troubling combination, especially when we factor in asteroid Gunn (firearms) at 13 Aries, which opposes both Jose and Giuseppina, and exactly opposes Harris and the US Saturn.  There is a seed there of political assassination, one which removes Biden and elevates Kamala Harris to the US presidency.  BAM is also slowing to station, but will proceed to 6 Libra before turning retrograde on January 27th, a day after Jose’s station.

New Vice President Kamala Harris’s pivotal importance as the tie-breaking vote in an evenly divided US Senate is foreshadowed by asteroid Harris at station in the Inauguration chart

The point which stations closest to the inauguration itself is asteroid Vesta, which turns retrograde from 21 Virgo the day before.  Vesta conjoins Washingtonia, representing the nation’s capital, and is at the same degree where Washingtonia made its station the day before the abortive Epiphany Coup.  Vesta is the call to service, something which has defined Joe Biden throughout his political career, extending over half a century.  Cast in the old mold that politics is about helping others, not enriching yourself, Biden well incarnates the themes of Vesta, which include commitment to work; dedication to accomplishment or goals; hard work and sublimation of other interests into the career or vocation; sacrifice or denial of self-interest for a “greater good.”  Hopefully Biden’s tenure restores this principal to the capital, enmeshing it as closely as Vesta aligns with Washingtonia.

But there are other stationary factors which give pause.  Two days prior to the inauguration, asteroid Pandora turns retrograde at 29 Virgo.  Pandora represents encountering (or unleashing) unexpected consequences, getting more than you bargained for.  When the mythic Pandora opened her box, she released all the evils within onto the world, until all that was left remaining was Hope.  Biden may well feel himself in that same position when he takes office with nothing but hope to support him after the debacle and devastation of the Trump years, and his inauguration may unleash hordes of Trumpists into open rebellion.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, represented by asteroid Nancy conjunct asteroid Whitehouse, showing her close relationship with the new administration

Also in late Virgo, asteroid Sphinx turns retrograde on the 28th of January, at the 27th degree.  Sphinx is hard to read – intentionally.  It conveys a certain opacity or inscrutability, a quality of mystery and enigma.  It can indicate questions, missing information, lack of answers and understanding; Sphinx at station in any administration could suggest an unforthcoming nature, a desire to conceal or obfuscate.  This will be an innate tendency of the Biden administration that may be difficult to overcome.

The final point at station is asteroid Anubis, which turns direct at 3 Gemini on January 16th, four days before Biden’s inauguration.  Note first that all other stationary points are turning retrograde – retreating, looking backward or inward, retrenching and reassessing.  Anubis, named for the ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, is the only one pointing to the future.   Having a death indicator at station and trine the Sun in the administration of the oldest elected President ever is not a cheerful admonition.  Biden will be 78 at inauguration, 82 in 2024 if he chooses to run again.

Personally, I do not feel that is a choice he will have.  The potential for a death in office is also reflected by asteroid Osiris, named for the Egyptian god of the dead, which at 17 Aquarius conjoins asteroid Josephina at 23 Aquarius; and asteroid Rip (which functions as a death indicator as the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription), which at 5 Pisces conjoins asteroid Bida at 27 Aquarius, thus “bookending” Biden with symbols of demise.  In addition, asteroid Atropos, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death, appears in a powerful position at 27 Cancer, angular on the 26 Cancer IC and opposing the Midheaven, Pluto and the administration Sun; asteroid Requiem at 15 Aries, named for the funeral mass for the dead, conjoins Gunn and opposes asteroid Giuseppina at 11 Libra; and asteroid Lachesis at 10 Scorpio, named for the Fate who determines the span of life, is also angular on the 14 Scorpio Descendant and broadly squares the administration Sun.

Support for the President from the incoming Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, is seen in asteroids Charlotte and Schumi conjoined asteroid Josefa, for a close working relationship between them

Perhaps this preponderance of active death indicators reflects the toll still to be exacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, before the population can be effectively immunized.  And perhaps not.  The US is long overdue for a female Head-of-State, and with Americans (or rather, their Constitutional provisions) having rejected Hillary Clinton for that role in 2016, the cosmos just might force one upon us in the not-so-distant future.

We’ll look at this possibility in a forthcoming article; for now, I will note that the critical timeframe for a such a departure appears to be autumn 2021 through spring 2022, for a variety of reasons which I will explicate later.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Many people have said for years, that based on the past, that the next President would die in office. It’s unnerving to contemplate but like they say “Don’t kill the messenger”. I pray that somehow Biden escapes this.

Biden did say he saw himself as a Transitional President (he’s got Kamala set up for success) and plans to be a one-term president. You make a great point, that if she becomes President by his passing, then she doesn’t have to go through an election to get there. It will finally push people to accept a woman in the highest office.

Nostradamus supposedly said that Trump would be assassinated in his second term… it probably has no merit, but since Trump is saying he won a second term, even though that’s false, I wonder if he could possibly die? I wonder if some of his supporters would realize that he lied to them, and in so doing, put their lives in ruin through this violence, and might want to go after Trump. He is playing with fire.


A stunning analysis, Alex. I’ve been worried about Joe Biden ever since realizing the Inauguration Moon is void-of-course, something i follow closely as a Cancer. I am really looking forward to your follow-up article. Will definitely be praying for Biden. Thank you for demonstrating once again how amazing the asteroids are!


Wonderfully detailed article. I am surprised you don’t mention the void-of-course moon at inauguration time. Given the efforts at violence and insurrection that are expectable and reportedly planned, a delay of a few hours seems conceivable, which would create an early Taurus ascendant advancing towards the Mars Uranus conjunction. Not sure what would be more challenging.


Awesome! Many thanks for this, Alex


Praying for Biden to escape this scenario, understanding that US is long overdue for a female president, and agree most likely in the 2021-2022 time frame you mention. Biden as a Scorpio senses this and is probably having dreams of Beau with both warnings and comfort. I also do not think Trump will make it past 2023 as Karma is looking at him, Covid 19 has left a mark in his physical body despite the experimental drugs+routine drugs that show to aid in reducing the onslaught of the disease. His lungs were not in good shape before Covid-19.

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